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Faced with whipping rain or frigid temperatures, Salewa's wide range of Women's Outdoor Bottoms will protect you and keep you in style as step foot on your newest path for adventure. Made from breathable, lightweight technical fabrics, our wide range of outdoor pants and shorts are designed to keep you comfortable yet functional on your path. Extreme weather conditions are no match for our hardshell pants that protect you from the most severe elements. If your journey requires more flexibility and speed, the softshell mountain pants will help you master your path. If your journey finds you in warmer temperatures on a Saturday trail, our women's outdoor shorts will keep you cool and comfortable. Available in Durastretch fabric, shorts offer optimal freedom of movement and lightweight wear. Complete your resistant hiking pant with an outfit to master your adventure by adding selections from our vast collection of activity-specific women's outdoor shoes and boots.

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What are the best women’s pants for mountain activities?

Like the footwear or jacket you wear, when it comes to choosing mountain pants, it’s all about the activity. Legwear needs to provide weather protection if required, full range of movement if you’re hiking or climbing, and breathability for when the activity you’re undertaking is high output.

What fabric is best for women’s mountain trousers?

  • Functional fabrics
    For summer trekking and hot, dry weather, look for lighter functional stretch fabrics that are breathable and fast drying. Avoid cotton as it takes too long to dry once wet. Fabric blends of natural and synthetic fibres are lightweight, pleasant to wear and ensure good freedom of movement.
  • Hardshells
    For activities such as winter mountaineering, ski mountaineering and ice climbing, GORE-TEX® or Powertex hardshell pants provide comprehensive protection.
  • Softshells
    Softshell alpine pants are pretty much the best all-round option in the mountains. Their soft, breathable, quick-drying and water-repellent fabric offers all-day comfort and can also provide a certain amount of insulation.
  • Water repellent fabrics
    Water repellent pants are treated with a DWR (durable water repellent) finish to prevent rain or snow from saturating the pants’ exterior. These days, many DWR treatments are PFC-free to help protect the environment and human health.

Should women’s outdoor trousers be tight?

The length should be enough to cover the top of your footwear but not so long they drag on the ground. Consider trying them on while wearing the footwear you will be using. If the weather is warmer, you might be able to button up, cinch in or roll up the lower leg for greater precision with your feet.

How long should women’s walking trousers be?

La lunghezza ideale è quella che ti permette di coprire la parte superiore delle scarpe senza però sfregare a terra. Può valer la pena di provare i pantaloni nuovi mentre indossi le stesse scarpe con cui poi li userai. Quando fa caldo c’è anche la possibilità di abbottonare, stringere o arrotolare la parte inferiore della gamba per muovere i piedi con più precisione.

Is hiking in shorts a good idea?

During the summer months, or for trail running, speed hiking or any other high-octane sports in the mountains, a pair of shorts or a skort are a great option. But as with any mountain activity, always plan for the weather to suddenly change (as it’s prone to).

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