Hardshell Pants for Women

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Mountain climbing requires proper protective gear for safety and comfort. The Salewa Hardshell Pants for women is a must-have for any woman who wants a fulfilling hiking experience. The pants are comfortable and easy to put on. Besides, the apparel has accessible pockets to stash away your valuables. What’s more, is that the pants are breathable making the journey comfortable.
Understandably hiking terrains have lots of wind and chilly weather. Therefore, the pants have water-resistant abilities to keep you dry regardless of the weather. The bottoms have an adjustable waistline and flexible material to ease movement. Hiking is exhausting, and you don’t want pants getting on your way.
Most importantly, the quality of our Women’s hardshell pants is unquestionable. Therefore, you can expect to use apparel for many years without deterioration. Other than the women hardshell pants, we also have a range of softshell bottoms depending on your taste and hiking requirements.

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