Men's Climbing Clothing & Gear

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Alpine climbing and hiking present a challenge for the body and mind, but that doesn't mean it needs to be dangerous. As for the women version, we designed our Men's Climbing Clothing & Gear to make climbing and hiking safer for your body. Our men's climbing clothes are made using DURASTRETCH for the ultimate mobility and flexibility, because clothes shouldn't dampen your ambition. The right gear makes or breaks a fantastic alpine hiking experience. And you want it durable. Among our climbing backpacks, the Apex Wall was built with comfort in mind. Structurally, its hip belt and chest strap means it exerts less pressure on the lower back, which helps to keep this typically sweaty area breathable. We believe comfortable footwear when hiking and climbing is a matter of safety. Our waterproof-lined men's approach shoes come with megagrip soles for traction in varied, challenging alpine terrain. Nothing should slow you down.