Mountaineering Boots for Women

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Master the mountains with the tough, resilient and durable mountaineering shoes for women from Salewa. The shoes are expertly designed for all women mountain climbers as they snug and are comfortable when on. They feature sufficient ankle support, as well as support in the sole. Additionally, the ample traction offers a firm grip through the vigorous mountain treks. The Salewa boots are made of durable and water-resistant materials so you can hike in all weather conditions. They also contain breathable fabric that allows your feet to stay dry for more extended periods. Our mountaineering boots for women come in different sizes, lengths and weights to meet the requirements of any type of climbing from ice climbing to mixed climbing. The heavy boots are more sturdy and supportive while medium weight or lightweight boots offer the advantage of comfort, whether strolling in the hills or hiking the high mountains. Get yourself into a pair of these mountaineering boots as you need them to conquer what's underfoot.

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