Salewa views biking as a natural way of travelling in the mountains on off-road trails. It’s a fast and sustainable way of accessing alpine objectives, from climbing wild crags and distant summits to reaching remote mountain huts to embark on a hike. Whether you’re solo or with friends, traversing and exploring the mountains by bike requires self-reliance, a cool head and mental and physical strength.

Bike-to-hike, bike-to-climb or bike-to-the top – the entire collection was designed by Salewa following its ‘bike-to-...’ concept that supports mountain enthusiasts to move freely, flexibly and sustainably through the mountains.

It’s a way of reaching more distant destinations, such as remote summits or mountain huts that might form the starting point for a hike. The Salewa Biking Collection offers bikers functional apparel solutions. By using fast-drying Alpine Merino wool and body-mapping designs, the clothing ensures natural comfort and outstanding performance. For mountain bikes or e-bikes on wide forest tracks or technical single trails. This bike concept collection offers outstanding freedom of movement thanks to functional T-shirts with secure pockets to stash accessories and energy bars, hybrid windproof jackets, 2-in-1 pants and padded shorts with hard-wearing fabric inserts.
Whether bike & hike, bike & climb or biking to the top – the collection lets you cycle in the mountains your way, leaving as few traces as possible. Empowering you to access alpine areas and keep in touch with nature.

Live the mountains, ride with nature.