Headbands & Necktubes for men

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Hiking and mountain climbing requires you have the proper gear to protect your body from harsh weather conditions. However, it's not uncommon to find men disregarding the importance of neck gaiters and headbands. Our men's neck gaiter offers versatility and functionality beyond measure. The gaiter comes in unisex colors to match any outfit. The neck gaiter protects your head and neck from excessive wind, rain, or the sun's rays. Besides, our collection of men's neck warmer has thermal reactive features to keep you warm even in the coldest of weather. Each neckpiece is uniquely designed using knitted wool to suit different tastes. We also have classy headbands that act as a sweat wick, thus protecting your body from soaking in sweat.
What's more, is that our headbands for men coupled with the neck gaiters are made using breathable materials to allow air circulation and maximize comfort during your mountain climbing or hiking adventures. Why not take a look at our neck gaiters and headbands for men before embarking on your outdoor activity. You can also match the pieces with our sleek looking gloves and beanies. 

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