Women's Mountaineering Clothing & Gear

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Mountaineering is a laborious, tough and courageous activity to undertake. Whether you are new to the mountains or a pro, every day can bring with it new challenges and demands. With our selection of women's mountaineering clothing & gear, we want to give you peace of mind, that you have prepared and will be comfortable and protected against the elements. Our women's mountaineering gear includes mountaineering shoes built with GORE-TEX, a game changing fabric technology that keeps your feet stable, comfortable and supported all day long. Just as we design climbing or trekking clothes for women, we know the real challenge of mountaineering is facing your fear of the unknown and the unpredictable, and is a mental challenge. And keeping your body warm, you will be way more open to this learning and growth. Our technical jackets proposed for mountaineering are made with Down, TirolWool® Responsive and GORE-TEX that are constructed for your absolute protection on the mountain, come what may.

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