Women's Hiking Gear & Clothing

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Whether your next outdoor adventure is a long way away or right around the corner, hiking requires the right equipment. Our women's hiking gear & clothing includes lightweight yet warm jackets, breathable shirts and trousers, and comfortable, supportive hiking shoes. Take the pressure off your feet with our ergonomically designed hiking boots that provide long-term stability and support. Our hiking gear for women sets you up for a successful hike with equipment such as backpacks and headbands. Choose between 25 or 28 Litre hiking backpacks in vibrant fun colours that use modern fabric technologies to keep the pack close to your back, while allowing your back room to air. Whether you are an experienced hiker or new to the game, our backpacks offer you peace of mind through stability and control over the load pressure, which is designed to stay centred at all times for your comfort and safety.

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