Men's Longsleeves Base Layers

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Hiking, climbing, and skiing all deliver challenges of endurance and stamina but they're no fun when you're cold and wet. Avoid this with the correct clothing and equipment. Wear layers that can be added to or removed as temperatures fluctuate. Start layering with a long sleeve baselayer for men from our pick of outdoor clothing. This baselayer range features a stretchy T-shirt is quick-drying and moisture-wicking Dry'ton. It's the ideal longsleeve hiking shirt for men. Another excellent baselayer is a half-zip pull-on top constructed from two types of Dry'ton where a high-performance synthetic fabric is combined with natural wool. Together, they transport moisture away from the body to stop you from overcooling on the mountain. This is the perfect baselayer for Alpine skiing and mountain climbing. Whether you're new to the world of outdoor activities or a seasoned performer, you will appreciate the comfort, flexibility, and practicality of these longsleeve baselayers for men. 

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