Women's Insulated Jackets

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It's easy to let fears keep you from a life changing experience on the mountains. Our range of women's insulated jackets has something for everyone. Whether it is a fear of being cold, isolated, or not being up to the challenge, we want to give you peace of mind. In alpine environments, staying protected and safe from the cold allows you to be open to learning about yourself and making fantastic memories. Our women's outdoor down jackets are wind-resistant and water-repellent, which makes them perfect for use as a warm outer layer or an insulating mid layer. Designed with and without hoods, our jackets are lightweight with stretch to support rather than restrict your motion and movement. All our jackets, including our softshell and hardshell jackets, were designed by mountaineering experts, and are ideal for alpine life activities including alpine mountaineering, alpine climbing, and ski mountaineering.