Women's Fleeces

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Chilly weather is standard on most mountain climbing routes. Besides, as an adventurous hiker, weather conditions shouldn't get in your way of having fun. Therefore, we produce unique fleeces and mid-layers using quality fabrics. Our fleeces and mid-layers are manufactured using merino wool and synthetic fibers. Ideally, the merino wool is the best for insulation and comfort while synthetic fibers dry fast and are durable. We understand that mountain climbing is a high impact activity that could leave you soaked in sweat. As such, our women's fleece jackets have the best moisture management features. The fleece jackets and mid-layers also have insulation abilities to keep you warm on your alpine climbs or mountain climbs. We also have the fleece hoodie women's collection that is uniquely designed to keep you warm. The women's fleece jacket with hood and all other fleeces are sewn to precision, making them lightweight, close-fitting, and comfortable to wear on the go. Are you thinking of joining your friends for mountain climbing soon? Then take a look at our collection of women's fleeces and mid-layers. You can even combine your fleece with any of our women's tank tops and t-shirts for the most comfortable experience.

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