Vests for Women

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Climbing a mountain or hiking all day is tough and challenging work but rewarding when you reach the peak or achieve your daily goal. With the correct clothing and equipment such as women's hiking vests, you can comfortably forget what you're wearing and focus on your stamina and technique. Wear a Salewa mountain women's vest and you have a practical piece of technical clothing that delivers warmth, breathability, and durability. Team it with long-sleeved base layers and hardshell bottoms for freedom of movement all day long. Our outdoor vest for women is constructed from TirolWool® Responsive. This is a lightweight insulating material made from the wool of Tirolean sheep, polyester fibers and thermo-reactive minerals. This mountain-breaking material absorbs body-heat and reflects it back to the body. It even keeps you warm if you get wet. Other features of this women's gilet from our mountain equipment range are stylish design, windproof closures, and practical pockets.

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