Men's Mid Layers

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Extreme temperatures affect everyone differently. Prepare yourself for adventure with Salewa's wide selection of Men's Mid Layers in multifunctional and adaptable designs. These layers ensure high performance and optimal comfort wherever your journey takes you. We specially design our men's mid layer tops to allow as much freedom of movement as possible. Salewa's innovative fabrics feature advanced insulation technology and moisture-wicking properties ideal for mixed climate conditions and long periods of exertion. Our versatile fleece mid layer jackets are no-brainer essentials for hiking and trekking journeys. Polartec® fleeces are made to withstand extreme cold, designed to provide maximum warmth without weighing you down. Try our Polarlite jacket on your next hike as an easy, lightweight layer that offers soft, comfortable wear. Add a piece from our outdoor jackets and mountain jackets collections to be fully prepared for your next outdoor adventure!

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