Men's Mid Layers

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Extreme temperatures affect everyone differently. Prepare yourself for adventure with Salewa's wide selection of Men's Mid Layers in multifunctional and adaptable designs. These layers ensure high performance and optimal comfort wherever your journey takes you. We specially design our men's mid layer tops to allow as much freedom of movement as possible. Salewa's innovative fabrics feature advanced insulation technology and moisture-wicking properties ideal for mixed climate conditions and long periods of exertion. Our versatile fleece mid layer jackets are no-brainer essentials for hiking and trekking journeys. Polartec® fleeces are made to withstand extreme cold, designed to provide maximum warmth without weighing you down. Try our Polarlite jacket on your next hike as an easy, lightweight layer that offers soft, comfortable wear. Add a piece from our outdoor jackets and mountain jackets collections to be fully prepared for your next outdoor adventure!


How many layers should you wear?

For active sports in mountain environments, the clothes you wear play a key role keeping you comfortable and safe. The best way to dress is to use a 3-layer system with a base layer, mid layer and outer shell. That way you can add or peel off layers depending on your activity level.

What is a hiking mid layer?

Hiking mid layers should provide insulation to retain the heat radiated by your body to keep you warm and protect you from the cold. Bear in mind that you will want different layering systems in summer and winter.

What should you wear as a mid layer?

Mid layers come in a wide range of options that include both synthetic and natural fabrics. Generally speaking, the thicker the fabric, the warmer they come. The main choices for mid layers are: wool or wool blends, synthetic fleeces or hybrid jackets and down insulation. Whatever the weather forecast, if you’re heading into the mountains, you should always carry an insulation layer with you.

Is fleece a good mid layer for hiking?

Fleece jackets offer ideal lightweight quick-drying insulation that stays warm even if it gets wet. Most fleeces are not windproof though. Salewa has hybrid designs that include elements such as bodymapping for targeted insulation and breathability, weather-resistant overlays, microgrid fabrics for enhanced moisture management, and hybrid wool-blend fleece knits. Lightweight fleeces offer versatility for active days and technical mountain use. Midweight fleeces are ideal for cold winter days or as an outer jacket in milder temperatures. Heavyweight fleeces are mainly too thick to be layered effectively during activity, but they’re great for cold nights outdoors.

Does down make a good mid layer for hiking?

Down insulated jackets are wind-resistant, super compressible and offer more warmth for weight than any other insulating material. The only downside is that down is only good for dry days, as once it’s wet it loses its insulation properties.
Synthetic insulation jackets offer a good alternative. They might not compress as well as down, but they do continue to work when wet.
Salewa also offers mid layers with Responsive smart fabric technology based on far-infrared radiation and naturally-occurring, thermoreactive minerals.

Should a mid layer be loose or tight?

For active use, we recommend lightweight fleeces with a slim, athletic fit, so that they trap warm air close to the body and layer more easily. On colder days, a looser midweight fleece can be incorporated into a larger layering system or worn as a stand-alone piece.

Is a hoodie a good mid layer?

Hoodies made from cotton get cold and wet, and will end up cooling you down rather than adding warmth. However, a technical fleece hoodie is a smart option for your insulating mid layer and the hood will help prevent you losing heat via radiation from your head.

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