Women's Softshell Jackets

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Staying warm during winters on the mountains is a tricky affair. On the mountains, you need a women's softshell jacket that moves with you through your various activities in subzero temperatures. It is a careful balancing act between freedom of movement, warmth and breathable design, and we curated our jackets selection to meet that need. Women's softshell jackets are designed to retain your body heat while you're stationary and moving, at both high and low intensity. Our softshell jackets with hoods have a variety of designs to cover all your bases, because every mountaineer is on a different journey. They present a harmony between stretch that allows you a full range of motion, and warmth. All women's jackets were elaborated by people who know that the mountains mean freedom, and to make the most of your experience, you cannot be restricted by rigid, tough outer layers. Check also the hardshell vests or combine them with softhsell or hardshell pants, or fleeces depending on your needs.

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