Women's Ski Mountaineering Pants

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Alpine sports make serious demands on the clothing we wear, and specialist gear is absolutely essential. Womens ski mountaineering pants are exactly what active women need to get the most out of their outdoor activities, and there are plenty of options at Salewa. These pants tend to be extremely stretchy, while avoiding materials that can cause chafing and discomfort. Most incorporate insulating materials like Dry’ton, which keep wearers warm without adding too much weight. In warm conditions, they also dry quickly, removing perspiration efficiently. There are a few extra features to look for, as well, with long or short lengths, along with extras like zip pockets, and adjustable waistbands. Some are better adapted to wet environments, with wind and rain protection built in, while other designs are built for desert and summer adventures. But all womens ski mountaineering trousers deliver optimal comfort when outdoor lovers need it the most. Pick the ideal design at the Salewa catalogue.

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