Womens Outdoor Trousers

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Step out in style. Confidence comes first with our selection of high-quality Womens outdoor trousers. Designed to keep you safe, secure and comfortable when you're exploring rough terrain. Our women's outdoor trousers protect against unpredictable weather and plant life, without compromising on breathability. Our garments feature high-quality of technical fabrics for an all-weather wardrobe. Whether you choose womens winter walking trousers, or summer leggings you'll enjoy durability, and the freedom to move. Whether you're searching for hiking shorts or trekking trousers, womens clothing for the alpine athlete must be tough. These trousers are stylish, sturdy, and long-lasting. Here at Salewa, you'll find not only a great selection of womens outdoor trousers, but also the accessories to go with them, including jackets, shirts, and hiking shoes. Our CORDURA fabric is best suited for ski mountaineering thanks to its hardwearing nature, while GORE-TEX is ideal for trekking, running, and all-weather hiking.

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