Women's Speed Hiking Shoes

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Our range of Women's Speed Hiking Shoes is designed in collaboration with professionals and speed hikers. Hiking over the Alps? Want to reach those alpines faster? You need a pair of shoes that can adapt to different conditions, support a variety of activities, and that protect your feet against the elements. With an understanding of just how treacherous mountain climbs can be, we have designed a range of shoes that are adaptable to perform at every condition. Just as all of our women's shoes, we want them lightweight, supportive, and responsive to help you speed hike comfortably, with speed, and with precision. With a combination of knitted mesh uppers that enhance moisture control, to MICHELIN soles that focus on grip while saving weight, and lugged outsoles that improve traction, moving through rugged mountain terrain will be a breeze as our shoes work in synergy with your foot for sure-footedness. Combine them with our technical jackets, bottoms and speedhiking gear to be ready for your next challenge.

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