Men's Speed Hiking Gear & Clothing

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Just as climbing, hiking or mountaineering, speed hiking is a physical challenge, an opportunity to see new and spectacular sights, and a chance to learn about yourself and grow. The demands of speed hiking on gear and clothing are high. It's tricky to find the right jacket, bottom and equipment that enriches your experience rather than detracts from it. Speed hiking clothing for men needs to be smart, which is why we designed our men's speed hiking gear & clothing to be quick-drying, moisture-wicking, UV-protecting, and equipped with four way stretch. Our base-layers and tees cover all the bases, constructed to work with you and not against you on your journey, and are even fitted with Polygiene odor control. Our speed-hiking shoes are light and supportive, and backpacks made to distribute weight centrally because he right gear should be practically unnoticeable, a quiet source of comfort and support on even the trickiest terrains of your speed hiking adventures.

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