Ski Mountaineering Gear & Clothing for Women

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Ski mountaineering is a thrilling, unpredictable challenge. Whether you're skiing hundreds or even thousands of meters high, ski mountaineering isn't about the view or the spectacular photos. Taking to the mountains with a pair of skis is about trusting yourself and learning about who you are when the normal daily distractions of your life are stripped away. To be truly connected to the mountains requires clothing and gear that helps you on your mission. Our Ski Mountaineering gear for women includes backpacks of different volume capacities that were built with smart weight distribution in mind. Ski mountaineering gear for women and men includes shoes built with GORE-TEX fabric technology that is waterproof and stable yet lightweight and breathable. Our range of ski mountaineering clothing was designed by experts with unmatched knowledge of mountain conditions, providing multiple layers of technical softshell and hardshell jackets, long sleeves baselayers and trousers for ultimate safety and peace of mind.