Hiking / Trekking Backpacks

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Whether you want to take a weekend hike or a single day hike, the primary consideration for a backpack is always the weight, capacity, flexibility, and comfort. Our ranges of hiking backpacks are 25 and 28 liter, giving you ample space to carry all your supplies. Besides, our trekking backpacks have a contact flow fit mechanism that ensures they remain close to your body while at the same time allowing your back to breathe. However, our latest collections of backpacks have split shoulder straps that increase airflow to your back. The trekking backpacks also have the twin compression mechanism that enhances load control.

The inbuilt ventilation systems further allow airflow to your back, thus keeping it dry even in the warmest of weathers. Besides, we have a variety of colors and designs ranging from the trainer backpack, women’s backpack, the small hiking backpack, and the day hiking backpack. Are you looking for a trekking backpack that’s flexible, light, and comfortable to carry around? Then have a look at our collection of backpacks and other hiking gear for a hiking experience like no other.

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