Women's Mountaineering Pants


When it comes to taking the first step on any climb, big or small, you want to know that your gear has got your back. That’s why we go to such length to ensure our range of women's mountaineering pants only includes items that seamlessly blend the properties of comfort, flexibility, endurance and performance. The selection includes items designed to cover every ascent, whether your looking to take on the endurance experience of the Alpine mountains, the high-speed adventures of ski mountaineering or the extremes of ice climbing. The range features GORE-TEX PRO technology, designed to be porous enough to let perspiration out but not so much that it lets rain water in. Each pair of pants is designed to make an aesthetic statement as well as adhere to the highest standards of performance. An athletic fit is combined with functional features such as ventilation side zips, reinforced kick patches and integrated gaiters. Make bold moves from the outset with our range of women's mountaineering pants.

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