Men's Speed Hiking Shoes

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Hit the trails and mountains with confidence as you conquer the Alps or any other mountain trails you choose. With a pair of shoes from our collection of Men’s Speed Hiking Shoes, there is no activity you cannot tackle and all of it while your feet are protected against harsh weather conditions. Designed in collaboration with professionals, our range of Men’s Speed Hiking Shoes is made for the starter to the pro trekker and mountain climber. Our outdoor shoes made in gore-tex are versatile and there is one for every condition from lightweight speed hiking to mountain training. As for our mountain backpacks, this collection features lightweight, supportive, and responsive shoes that are built to help you speed hike comfortably and fast, competitively, or just for exercise and to keep fit. Just as our approach shoes or mountaineering boots, this collection offers optimum grip and traction so you can move fast in alpine terrain.

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