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The alarm clocks rings. Wake up, look out the window, throw on your clothes and grab your poles. Head out to meet your friends or hiking mates. The sun is coming up and your early morning speed hiking session is about to begin.




Gabriel Tschurtschenthaler, a visually impaired alpinist, climbed the Hintergrat on the Ortles together with Vittorio Messini and Matthias Wurzer.

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2020-12-15 09:00:00

Short roping


There is a young man who wants to try something, to pursue a dream that was his father’s. Something that would be impossible without the right buddy; something that will not proof or change anything, besides the beauty of trying.

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2020-09-29 09:00:00

Cazzanelli and Maguet: the concatenation of the Matterhorn and the Dent D’Herens


The Matterhorn and the Dent D’Herens: the alpine guide, Cazzanelli, and the athlete, Maguet, complete the concatenation in 15 hours and 57 minutes, with a 4,300 m climb and 35 km of ground travelled.

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2020-09-21 09:00:00

Learning to fly


My senses are tingling with excitement at the thought of the wing and of flying. As soon as I get my hands on it, I head straight out onto the field. I unpack it, clip in and get it up in the air. Well, I try to...

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2020-07-30 11:00:00

My first time climbing a glacier


I had never climbed the high alps when my friends asked me to come with them on a two-day outing on Mount Adamello, accompanied by two alpine guides, Manuel and Emanuele.

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2020-07-20 11:00:00

Backpack on my shoulders, heart in my throat


It's 3:00 am. Despite the fact that I've been trying to nod off for hours, my mind is having none of it. It keeps wandering, perhaps wanting only to make sure that what I am experiencing is not a dream.

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2020-06-30 11:00:00

Danilo Sartore Bivouac


The forecast for the next few hours is rain. A lot of rain. But we really want to get away and go back to the mountains. What should we do? Head up anyway or sit this one out?

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2020-06-24 11:00:00

A Trekking Adventure: The Corsican journey


Of course, there are thousands of places where you can experience the wild beauty of nature without going very far from home. Between France and Italy, in the middle of the Mediterranean, there is an island that perfectly embodies this wild splendour: Corsica.

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2020-05-05 09:00:00



We were in Učka Nature Park. Trekking the entire ridge of this promontory had been in our plans for at least a couple of years.

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2020-04-20 17:00:00



It would be unimaginable that people whose job it is to develop, design and create tools to live your dreams in the mountains were not themselves eager to spend in the mountains as much time as possible.

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2020-04-04 08:00:00



Sometimes life calls us to face challenges which we would never have wanted to deal with. You can run away, or else you can tackle your fears. That is how tragedies become legends.

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