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SALEWA WINTER TRAIN BACKPACK is ispo award gold winner


We’ve been designing backpacks for over 70 years at SALEWA. In recent years, Giordano Vechiet, Manuele Cola, Mario Malarcsek and Alessandro Notario have been working hard on new concepts at our R&D department. A few years back, we started working on a new carrying concept for fast-moving mountain training activities. It had innovative Split Shoulder Straps and the Twin Compression System. For the back panel, we introduced the Contact-Fit Lite system with highly breathable OrthoLite foam in the Summer 2017 collection with our Lite Train and Ultra Train packs. It proved so successful – for its improved flexibility, breathability at the back and shoulders, and overall fit – that we decided to refine it further. In particular, we wanted to make it more breathable and develop products for a more classical user. So, we went back to the lab and used thermal imaging to investigate how to make our backpacks more effective.

The result was our Contact Flow Fit and Air Fit 2.0 carrying systems, which we introduced for Spring/Summer 2018. Both systems reduce contact to the body without impairing load control and have a built-in ventilation system that lets greater airflow get to your back. They offer a precise fit, adaptable volume adjustment, good freedom of movement and, most importantly of all, they let your back breathe. These key elements now build the base for our new distinctive backpack DNA. We must be getting it right though, because the SALEWA Ultra Train backpack won a 2017 ISPO Gold Award. And now our Winter Train ski touring and mountaineering pack is a 2018 ISPO Gold Award winner. Mountaineers are well aware of the sweaty back problem on ascents – and the associated risk of overcooling, especially in winter. This was our starting point for developing the Winter Train. If you can keep your back dry, you remain much more comfortable. And this is why we developed our Contact Flow Fit system, to ensure outstanding ventilation. There were other design factors too. If you’re using your pack out in the snow, gloved up, wearing full winter kit in rough terrain on skis or crampons, then you don’t want to mess about. Everything has to work as quickly and smoothly as possible. This is where the innovative rapid ski fixation (magnetic buckles), separate crampon pocket with fast side access, and 3-way zip for inner access come in. What the ISPO judges said about the Winter Train: “What stands out here is the speed at which you can put your skis on your back without taking off your backpack. Also, the straps are vented like no other to avoid sweating,” (Pierre-Olivier Bédard, a Canadian backcountry skier).

Like everything Giordano, Manuele, Mario and Alessandro make, our packs are tried and tested in practise. We know they perform well, because we’ve tested them, our athletes have tested them, and independent gear experts have tested them. For sure, when you work hard on something though, it’s nice to get some recognition. The Winter Train is available from August 2018 in a 26-litre version in two colours and a 22-litre women’s version.

Sebastian Schaller - Technical Sales Manager


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