At the SALEWA® headquarters in Bolzano, we operate a care and repair workshop.
*At this time we are unable to resole shoes at our U.S. headquarters.

With our Kids Growing System, we take care of extending the lifetime of your product.

The durability of products is a question of honor for us. It fills us with pride when mountaineers use SALEWA® products for as long as possible, ideally their entire lives. We have our own maintenance and repair workshops in Bolzano and support our customers and partners by providing them with spare parts and repair instructions.


We want to prolong the lifespan of each SALEWA® product for as long as possible, while ensuring the highest safety standards in mountain sports activities. That being said, we operate our own care and repair workshop, where trained specialists bring faulty products or products requiring attention, back up to standard. 

*Please note at this time we are unable to resole shoes at our U.S. Headquarters.


The wear and tear of the soles in trekking and ski touring shoes is vast in mountain sports. With that being said, if you're looking to get your shoes resoled, it is even more important that expert resoling is carried out efficiently and professionally. Since 2014, we have been working with a local specialist that trains partners and provides them with the necessary spare soles and parts to fix shoes effectively and efficiently. The fixing of new soles can therefore be carried out flexibly and quickly thanks to short transport routes.