Anna-St-hr_La-Resistance Anna-St-hr_La-Resistance

Anna Stöhr

Anna Stöhr: La Résistance


Route: La Résistance
Grade: 8c
First ascent: Alexander Huber 1993
Crag: Schleier Wasserfall / Tirol

Last week I climbed one of the routes I’ve dreamt about: La Résistance” at Schleier Wasserfall. It is an old Alex Huber testpiece, established in 1993.
The route starts with a tough bouldery section which leads up to the hardest move: A really long shoulder move to the right. The tricky part for me was to do this reachy move and then shift my weight to the right and bring my foot up. After this crux the steep section of the route starts: long moves on fairly good pockets lead to more vertical terrain before you arrive at a good rest, where you can relax before the final slab.

This route means a lot to me because I was not sure if it would work. I started to try this line last fall, after I had climbed Schleier’s most prominent line called “Wassermusik”. I had only seen tall guys try “La Résistance” and I really didn’t know if I’d be able to do the shoulder move after doing the boulder at the start. I could try this move only a few times per day because it is really intense on your shoulder and I did not want to hurt myself. After the quarantine, I lacked endurance to link the top section, but my motivation was enormous. I was just so glad to climb outside again and to be able to spend long days at the crag. Thanks to my motivation, I started to improve quickly. On May 20th it all came together. I tied my shoes, took a deep breath, gave it my all on the crux move and did not let go anymore. I was in the flow and truly enjoyed climbing through the steep, powerful section. When I arrived at the jug before the final slab, I knew that I would climb to the top. In the last part of the route I couldn’t stop smiling because I knew I had just climbed this beautiful route on an amazing day outside. What I would have taken for granted only some weeks ago seemed like a huge gift now.

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