Men's Mountaineering Pants

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When it comes to mountain climbing, your dressing will significantly affect your climbing experience. Choosing the right mountaineering pants for men is, therefore, crucial. Good pants should feel like another layer of skin over your body. We offer mens mountaineering pants made with the right material to enhance comfortability and durability. The pants are fitted with gussets to allow for more freedom of movement during climbing. They are made from tough material to ensure they serve you for a longer period of time. The strong material also protects your body from injuries that occur when you come in close contact with the rocks. The pants are also water resistant to keep you dry even after sweating or during a rainy day. Improve your mountain climbing experience by buying strong, waterproof, windproof, lightweight and breathable mens mountaineering pants. They will keep you safe and make your climbing adventure less stressful. You can also find a matching jacket from our collection to complete the ensemble.

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How to choose your mountaineering pants?

Alpine pants for mountaineering should be made of a durable fabric that will offer you a high level of breathability for all-day comfort. A fundamental consideration is how much weather protection, i.e. water repellency and wind resistance, do you need? Modern softshell fabrics made of stretch woven performance textiles are ideal for mountain use and unstable conditions. They are generally given a durable water repellent (DWR) treatment that prevents water from penetrating the fabric and makes it slide off.

Salewa uses PFC-free treatments whenever possible here. Softshells are normally slightly warmer than non-softshells. Therefore, for summer use, hot days and drier conditions, we recommend wearing a lighter, moisture wicking and quick-drying pants. Lightweight nylon is fast-drying and functional, but natural fabrics, such as hybrid hemp blends are often cooler and more comfortable in hotter conditions.

Should you size up in mountaineering pants?

It’s important that your alpine pants fit you well. Pants that are too wide will slip, chafe and snag. Trousers that are too tight might restrict your freedom of movement. By choosing a regular fit, you’ll probably find that you can fit thermal underwear underneath them during the colder months. Close-fitting stretch pants are ideal for active mountain and great for climbing in. Stretch fabrics like Salewa’s proprietary Durastretch make a big difference here when it comes to comfort and layering.

What are you supposed to wear under alpine pants?

You might have the best pants in the world, but they will only keep you as comfortable as the rest of your layering system allows. Your next-to-skin base layers are important here because they help keep your skin dry by wicking moisture, keeping you warm and comfortable. Functional fabrics such as merino wool or synthetic alternatives are good choices. The style is up to you – long underwear and three-quarter bottoms work well for mountaineering climbs.

What colour is the best for mountaineering pants?

The colour of your pants can make a big difference, especially in the mountain sun. We recommend black or dark colours for higher altitudes and colder seasons and then lighter colours for hiking in the heat. The colour of your pants not only affects how hot they feel in the sun but also how quickly they will dry out. Some summer alpine pants also come with an anti-UV treatment.

What details are important on mountaineering pants?

Waistband designs make a difference, especially when worn under a harness. And obviously pockets are useful, especially if they have zips. Maybe the most important feature on any alpine pants are venting side zips to let you ventilate fast when you are moving uphill.

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