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Salewa is starting off the new year with fresh, new awards. In the Outdoor/ Mountaineering & Expedition Footwear category, the Wildfire Edge Mid Gore-Tex won an ISPO Award. Its predecessor – the Wildfire Edge – also won the renowned OutDoor Industry Award in 2018. 

“While developing this approach shoe, we focussed on achieving the optimum balance between a more narrow last for climbing performance and maximum comfort on the descent,” says Silvia Serafini, Product Specialist Footwear. Before the Wildfire Edge Mid GTX came around, Silvia explained that some feedback she had received from mountain guides and athletes was that the market only offered styles that were compromises. “Our solution to these compromised styles out there, was the Switchfit system. In one simple motion, the Wildfire Edge Mid GTX adapts to the terrain and activity in question. By tightening the laces, the fit is made more narrow at the heel and toes, which enables a more direct weight transfer and better climbing precision for the individual. For the descent, the lacing can easily be relaxed and loosened for additional comfort, which in result, gives you a climbing mode and hiking mode combined in one shoe.” The ISPO Award is further confirmation of the work of the R&D Team Footwear and their uncompromising approach.

The Salewa Pedroc Alpine Wool Perform Jacket has won an ISPO Award in the Outdoor/Hybrid Outer Layer category. Its performance design is engineered specifically for fast-moving, dynamic alpine activity. This jacket contains "Alpine Wool Perform," which is the new innovative insulation material that Salewa will be launching in their FW19/20 collection. Alpine Wool Perform is an innovative insulation technology that combines the natural advantages of pure wool from mountain sheep with thermo-regulating Celliant® functional fibers. Tirolean mountain sheep produce a particularly robust wool with a high lanolin content that keeps mountain enthusiasts warm, even when it is wet. In addition, it’s breathable and naturally helps regulate body temperature. Celliant® is a patented mix of thirteen thermo-reactive minerals that are powdered and melted into a resin that is then loaded into the core of recycled polyester fibers.

Mark McCarthy, Senior Product Manager at Salewa explains why the jacket is so outstanding: “Alpine Wool Perform technology has the natural advantage that provides long-lasting warmth that continues to insulate during breaks in activity. The heat reflective minerals that can be found within the jacket also provide increased well-being and promote faster recovery after strenuous exertion. For the Pedroc Alpine Wool Perform Jacket, there are 50-grams of Alpine Wool Perform fill in both the arms and chest. This jacket is still very light and has a small pack size, despite its wool insulation. For the weather protection on the exterior fabric, we use a lightweight, wind-resistant nylon with light rain repellency. This jacket has become a year-round piece for me, and one of my favorites that I own." 

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