Men's Hard Shell Jackets for Mountaineering

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Get ready for adventure with Salewa's Men's Hardshell Jackets. Made for outdoor enthusiasts and exploration, our lightweight, waterproof jackets are breathable and wind resistant, making them ideal for all kinds of alpine climbing or alpine mountaineering. The 3-layer Powertex Extreme weather protection fabric is a pioneering material and the perfect combination of durability, weight, performance and high quality. The collection of men's lightweight waterproof jackets boast a tailored hood and integrated collar that closes up to the chin, offering you full protection against colder climes. You'll have full freedom of movement in the ergonomically designed sleeves, and elasticated cuffs and hem stop the jacket from rising. Available in a range of colours, the best light waterproof jackets are highly portable, stowing away easily in a compression pouch. Don't forget to find your perfect hardshell trousers as well.


What is the difference between hardshell and softshell?

Hardshells offer full windproof, waterproof storm protection for the worst conditions, while softshells have a degree of water resistance, but are designed primarily for versatility and breathability during high-exertion activity.

For foul weather, pack a hardshell as your emergency storm shelter. If you are confident that conditions are going to remain consistently good, a softshell might be enough as your outer layer/ combined mid and outer layer. Obviously, you could wear a softshell and pack a hardshell in case you need it.

Hardshells are:

  • Windproof
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Durable
  • Packable
  • Storm protection

How do I choose a hardshell jacket for men?

Think carefully about the level of protection you are looking for. Hardshells provide maximum waterproof weather protection. We engineer our hardshells according to their specific activity needs with a range of 2-layer, 2.5.-layer and 3-layer laminated fabric technologies that have breathable membranes. They are designed for extensive use and prolonged, abrasion-resistant durability.

In addition, they enclose your insulation layers, but still ensure high breathability levels to prevent moisture getting stuck inside your jacket, which helps stop you overheating during more intensive use.

Hardshells are made from more durable tightly-woven fabrics to cope with the demands of alpine mountaineering, ice climbing or skiing.

However, if you are just looking for no-frills protection in the event of wet weather, a lightweight rain jacket might be all you need.

What should I look for in a hardshell jacket for men?

A proper hood is vital. For full-bore mountaineering and climbing use, we recommend a hardshell with a helmet-compatible hood. It needs to fit over your helmet without limiting your movement when zipped up, but still work without restricting your vision when you’re not wearing it.

Other useful features include water-resistant zips, venting pit zips, harness-compatible pocket and sleeves with Velcro closure that will fit over gloves.

Is a hardshell waterproof?

Yes, but the level of waterproofing will depend on the type of fabric it's made of. Waterproof 3-layer fabrics give the greatest level of protection. Although there is no standard industry test, a water column or hydrostatic head test is often used to quantify water resistance. It measures the height in millimetres of a solid column of water that can be held vertically over a piece of fabric before the pressure causes it to leak. Good hardshell jackets have water column/ hydrostatic head ratings of 20,000 mm, which far exceed the normal conditions found in nature. All of our mountain hardshells are functionally waterproof.

Are hardshell jackets warm?

Hardshells in themselves are not designed to provide insulation.

How should a hardshell fit?

The cut should give you good freedom of movement, i.e. arm reach without riding up, work with a harness if you need it too. It should be closer-fitting, but not restrictive, so that you can still add layers underneath in colder conditions.

Should I size up for a hardshell jacket?

This really depends on how many layers you want to wear underneath it. If you’re heading to a region that is so cold that you intend to wear your insulation jacket under your hardshell, then yes, size up.

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