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Spend a night beneath the stars in style with mountain tents. Who says that sleeping outdoors can't be comfortable? These professional-grade camping easy to set-up can withstand some of the most challenging weather conditions. Whether winds are blowing, or rain is falling, you'll still get a great night's sleep. Browse lodge-style tends, lightweight and tunnel tents. Designed for the whole family, or smaller outdoor tents for one person. Comfort, convenience and warmth comes first with Salewa. Each mountain tent is tested in alpine conditions. Pair yours with a cosy down sleeping bag sleeping bag for the ultimate excursion or try a padded mat for extra support. These tents are crafted from high-quality materials, and they're designed for quick assembly. That means that when you need to bunk down and rest for the night, you can be warm and comfortable in no time. Your new tent can be the ultimate home away from home. Find your own alpine sanctuary or check the sales outlet and find the best price for more camping accessories.