Alpine Tents

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Salewa’s Alpine Tents are made for explorers. For adventurers. For those who are ready to conquer the great outdoors. Made from material which is lightweight yet extremely durable, our self-supporting tents easily accommodate up to two people. These Literek tents are robust and stable, you can feel secure, whatever the weather outside. Salewa's alpine tents are double-walled, and designed for light trekking in alpine surroundings. To aid you in your adventures, they are not only lightweight, but compact and easy to carry, so you can get on with your trek. Despite their portability though, our collection of tents are spacious and well ventilated, and designed to protect you from the elements. The self supporting structures can even be pitched safely on uneven or rocky terrain. You can extend the anchor points in snowier climes, or even pitch the flysheet on its own on milder nights. Have a look to all our equipment for outdoors adventures!

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