Kids Base Layers

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Hoping to take your children with you on your next expedition? Then you'll need to make sure that they're dressed for the occasion. Our Kids Base Layers selection is designed to form the foundation of your child's athletic wardrobe. These are the thin, moisture-resistant and durable layers that go under fleeces and jackets to keep your youngster warm and comfortable. Using the latest sweat-wicking technology, we ensure that your kids sports shirts will stay dry, clean, and odour-free for as long as possible - ideal for any outing. Stock up on PEDROC dry t-shirts and long-sleeved shirts for running and speed-hiking. Or check out our shirts designed to mould to the body for climbing and mountaineering. Our kids' base layers are carefully constructed with soft materials to prevent itching and discomfort. Pair your base layers with a mid layer vest and a pair of Salewa waterproof trousers , for the ultimate wardrobe for any young explorer.

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