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Embrace the natural curiosity of youngsters. Introduce your kids to the wonders of nature with our range of kids mountain accessories. Funky, fun and reliable, our selection ensures that your child can explore the world around them in comfort and safety. Choose from a collection of sun-protection gaiters, caps, gloves, and other essential accessories to protect your kids from challenging alpine conditions. Whether it's our funky children's headbands that help to protect against the bitter winds of winter, or our reversable woolen beanies, your child will find that offer safety & style in kids mountain accessories range. We even offer professional-grade POWERTEX gloves for children who love winter hikes, skiing, and mountaineering. Pair your accessories with a selection of kids clothing from our fleece jackets, trousers, and footwear ranges. These accessories exist for men and women, and will make sure you're prepared for anything your next adventure brings your way. Make getting back to nature a family event with Salewa.

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