Men's Approach Shoes

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Find a wide range of breathable and versatile men's approach shoes which are absolutely ideal for active lifestyles. These hybrid approach trainers are the perfect shoes for last-minute walking, all day hikes or in case you like practising mountaineering, camping or alpine trekking. Any physically active, mountain-loving man will discover approach shoes or trainers are a lightweight, high performance footwear solution for scrambling, easy climbs or distance walking across mountain ranges, passes and hills. Men's Gore-Tex approach shoes offer the added benefits of waterproof and weatherproof protection with added breathability, alongside the precise fit that's really needed when hiking across loose, treacherous or wet rocks and pebbles. One additional point to bear in mind is to consider going up a size with all approach shoes, as wearing thick socks can impact on the fit of the shoe. Approach footwear will also not look out of place when worn casually in country pubs, restaurants or even on the local golf course!

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