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Mountains, moors and passes have been the playground of adventurous people for hundreds of years, as there's something so inspiring and thrilling about conquering the highest peaks. However, any experienced hiker, skier and climber appreciates that the finest weather conditions can change in a few minutes during any adventure or ascent. This is why it's so important to carry the right kit. The range of men's hardshell trousers offered by Salewa provide all the protection against the elements required, whether it's a cold wind, rain, sleet or snow that's causing problems. Hardshell pants are lightweight, so it's easy to tote them in any rucksack. Yet, these are ideal waterproof pants men can rely on whenever conditions get tough. Opt for men's lightweight walking trousers for all weather trekking protection or choose the durable and breathable men's hardshell trousers with braces which are so popular with pro climbers and mountaineers. Don't forget to find your perfect hardshell jacket as well.


What are hardshell pants?

Hardshell pants are designed to offer fully waterproof protection for foul weather in mountain environments. Think ice, wet snow, sleet, rain or high winds, or simply exposure to harsh winds due to elevation. They not only keep you dry and comfortable, but also safe.

Hardshells are made of multi-layer, laminated fabrics with a waterproof, breathable membrane. These membranes have tiny pores that keep water droplets out, but let sweat escape, to keep you comfortable for longer, even when you’re working hard. Hardshells are more robust than standard alpine pants, and are designed to withstand harsh conditions. They aren’t insulated, so any warmth has to come from your baselayer and midlayer.

How should hardshell pants fit?

Your hardshell pants should ensure great freedom of movement, and be neither too tight, nor too baggy to ensure good climate regulation. For alpine use, the ankle should fit reasonably snugly around your mountain boot and/or ski boot to prevent snagging on your crampons. Check there is an elasticated waistband or Velcro adjustment to accommodate your layers. Think about whether you want a higher waist, or bib pants. And do you plan to wear a belt or braces? Internal gaiters are a great invention too, they keep the snow out of your boots and help keep your ankles, and also your feet warmer.

How to wear hardshell climbing pants?

When buying hardshell pants, think about what other layers you plan to wear underneath them, as they will need to fit over your baselayer pants. When you’re walking or skinning uphill and really getting warm, it’s important that hardshell pants have well-positioned zips to let you increase ventilation. Long side zips or even full-length zips also mean you can get them on and off faster – especially if you’re wearing a harness, boots and crampons.

How long should mountaineering pants be?

Alpine pants should be long enough to cover your boots to prevent snow ingress without getting in the way when you’re climbing or catching on your crampons. You don’t want to be tripping over on a narrow alpine ridge!

How do I know what size hardshell pants to buy?

Hardshell pants with a mountain-specific fit will generally have a gusseted inside leg and looser fit around the calf to accommodate your mountain boots. Go for your normal size, but check them with your boots and/or crampons on before you leave the house.

Can you use ski pants for mountaineering?

Your ski pants might be hardshell pants. However, if they have built-in insulation, you’ll probably find that they’re too warm for alpine use. In addition, regular ski pants can be bulky to pack, will probably be too warm for your baselayer and rarely have long zippers.

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