Womens Base Layers

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Build the ultimate athletic wardrobe from the base up. Our selection of women's base layers is designed to fit like a second skin. Offering high-performance comfort, convenience and durability every day, these layer suit your style and your sport. Browse through our selection to find everything from tees to long-sleeved tops and crew shirts. Each moisture-wicking, odour-resistant and windproof layer comes prepped for high-octane activity. The right base layer not only gives you a foundation for winter comfort, it also keeps your core temperature consistent. During challenging alpine conditions, our womens base layer garments use scientifically-proven technology to support, protect and assist. Our Polygeine-treated products don't interfere with your body's breathability. However, they do protect your garments from high levels of moisture and odour. Pair your base layers with comfort-enhanced mid-layers and weather-resistant jackets for the ultimate outdoor defense. Great adventures start with a great base layer.

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