Climbing Harness

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Keen mountaineers know finding the right type of Climbing Harness relates strongly to the type of climbing you do. Climbers need grit and determination, but it's also important to rely on your harness when making any ascent. You can rest assured all Salewa's harnesses meet the most stringent safety standards. All our climbing harnesses feature four gear loops and chalk bag attachments and are available in generous sizes to suit kids or adults. They are breathable and offer supreme comfort, whether you're climbing ice or v. diff rock faces. What's more they are lightweight, so it's not a problem toting your rock climbing harness, helmet and gear on longer scenic mountain hikes or camping trips. Once you spot the inspirational, scenic and challenging rock face you plan to conquer, it's a simple matter to don your safety harness and clip on all essential gear. Check out all our range of mountaineering equipment!

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