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Set your little ones up for outdoor and mountains sports with specially-designed athletic apparel. Keep them safe but still outdaring, intrepid and comfortable as they explore the great outdoors. Our broad collection of kids outdoor clothing, footwear & accessories is designed to help your youngster discover their passion for staying active. Whether they're joining you on a family hike or going for a trek with a local activities group, we want them to feel free, resourceful and adventurous. Get warm down jackets in highly-visible shades to keep children warm as they wander through wilderness. Get breathable shorts to give your kids resistance on their summer afternoon hikes. Remember, when it comes to choosing outdoor clothing for your child, always keep the activity in mind. Additionally, when choosing kids outdoor footwear, bring any foot bed inserts or extra-thick socks which might change your child's sizing needs. Among our selected kids outdoor clothing, make sure to find everything you need at Salewa for any occasion.

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