Mens Base Layers

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Designed for men that don't compromise on experience, our men's base layers give you the extra support and confidence you need when you're climbing, hiking, ski mountaineering, or simply heading out for a morning run. Without base layers, it's hard to maintain a consistent temperature during outdoor expeditions. Our scientifically-proven fast-drying and moisture-wicking garments regulate heat and cold during the toughest alpine challenges. Polygene-infused materials ensure your men's base layer shirt stays permanently protected against sweat and odour. At Salewa, we know that men's base layers are more than just thermal clothing, they're important parts of your athletic kit. The right layers give you versatility, breathability, and comfort regardless of where your adventure might take you. Make sure you're prepared for windy winters and scorching summers with the ultimate foundation for your wardrobe. If you're an alpine enthusiast, or you just want to get back to nature - your next journey starts here.

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