Ice Axes & Ice Screws

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Ice Axes & Ice Screws from Salewa give mountain climbers the equipment to rely on in extreme conditions. Scale the most challenging rock and snow climbs. A high performance ice axe offers energy-saving and maximum support features. Working with you to protect from the cold, give you precision and a balanced swing action. Ice screws can be used with one hand and gloved hands. Features include integrated carriers, quickdraw and screw tip protector. Available in various lengths, each ice screw is colour-coded for easy recognition. Safety and ease of use are at the forefront in our equipment. Find a climbing axe to complement your climbing style and needs. Salewa climbing tools give you the freedom to concentrate on your route and technique. Related accessories includes holsters, slings, spikes and leashes. When you feel strong, secure and comfortable with your equipment you can put in your best effort. Tackle each climb with confidence.

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