Softshell Trousers

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Salewa softshell trousers are ideal for outdoor enthusiasts needing lightweight trousers that offer great weather protection and high performance. This is particularly the case for keen mountaineers, hikers and trekkers as softshell walking trousers have flexibility, breathability, and stretch, so they remain comfortable on the longest route marches. Even in mid-summer weather conditions in hilly, mountainous areas can become dismal in a matter of minutes. Bright, sunny days with warm temperatures can often turn to cloud and mist as ascents are made, with alpine peaks shrouded in damp and dark clouds. These sudden weather changes are some of the reasons mountains are such a challenge to male and femaile adventurers, but do make it vital to dress appropriately (and, mens softshell trousers can make all the difference.) These windstopper trousers are also resistant to damage by rock and scree, so keen scramblers and climbers will find softshell walking trousers extremely durable, too. Don't forget to find your perfect softshell jacket as well.

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