Bivvy Bags for Bivouacking & Sleeping Bag Liners

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Bivvy Bags for Bivouacking & Sleeping Bag Liners from Salewa offer convenience, comfort and ease of use. Sleep under the stars and get as close to nature as possible. For planned overnights, emergencies or extra warmth, we have got you covered. Designed for warmth, comfort and protection from the elements, a bivvy bag can accommodate one or two people. With additional features such as storm hoods and securing cords, you will be safe and protected no matter the conditions. A sleeping bag liner which is silverised for freshness can be used separately as a sleeping bag indoors. Gain that extra layer of warmth in extreme weather conditions for use with our mountaineering and hiking sleeping bags. A compact and lightweight bivy sack can easily fit into a Salewa mountaineering backpack. To complement your bivi bag or bivouac sleeping bags, see our other accessories as well as our clothing and footwear ranges.

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