Mountain Footwear for Men


Step into extreme comfort with our range of mountain footwear for men. Tested on tough terrains and slippery slopes - these shoes are made for walking. With durable soles, exceptional breathability and amazing arch support, you'll be ready for anything. Whether you're speed hiking, trekking, or ski mountaineering, our shoes and boots offer stability and grip when you need it most. You can even banish blisters with strategically-placed cushioning and heel support. Our men's outdoor shoes come equipped with our 3F system for support and flexibility. They're also available in a range of styles and materials, including breathable mesh fabrics and premium leather perfect to fit with your Mountain base-layers, jackets and trousers. Want to put your best foot forward? Make sure you choose the next size up and wear extra-large socks to your fitting to make sure that you're getting the needed support. If needed, get also nice women footwear for your partner. Speak to the Salewa team to find out which shoe is best suited to your alpine activities.