Mountain Footwear for Women

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Take the next step in your alpine adventure. Supportive, durable, and resilient, our selection of mountain footwear for women will keep you one step ahead. Designed with state-of-the-art arch support and blister resistance, these hiking shoes are ready for trekking, hiking, ski mountaineering and climbing. Browse through training shoes tried and tested on the toughest terrains and find your 100% blister-proof fit. With 3F flexibility and support system, you can stay comfortable outdoors for longer. Pair your breathable, robust and stylish hiking shoes with a pair of shorts and a waterproof jacket for a summer outfit. Stock up with extra layers and put your women's trekking shoes to the test on a winter excursion. When buying hiking shoes for women, focus on sale support. The next size up will give you more room for foot-bed inserts and thick socks. Check out technology like Pomoca, Michelin and Vibram for light shock absorption too.

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