Mountaineering Gloves for Men

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Mountaineers, fell walkers and ski enthusiasts all understand just how quickly stormy, fog-bound or freezing weather conditions can develop while out and about in the hills and mountains at any time of year. This makes it vital to carry the right equipment as hypothermia or injuries can be very real threats. Salewa supply a a variety of mountaineering gloves for men, and men's thermal gloves which can ensure hands stay toasty warm in the toughest conditions. Exploring the high passes, peaks and hills always entails dangers of some kind, that's one of the reasons mountaineering and climbing are such popular hobbies and sports throughout the year. Make it easy on yourself by toting the waterproof, thermal and fleecy mountaineering or hiking gloves that will make a difference when the going gets tough. It's also stands to reason that skiers should opt for the best men's ski gloves to meet their needs, so check out all our lines to discover more!