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Have you ever thought about it? Every peak in the Dolomites has been climbed. So where is the space for adventure? Is there any left? And where?
It is dawn on a cold autumn day. While the first sun rays caress the orange peaks of the larch trees, a man climbs up to rifugio Pedrotti, on the Pale di San Martino. With him he carries only a few things: a little tent, a bit of food, a paraglider, a speedflying sail. Aaron Durogati is about to answer that question, he will attempt something that just a few years ago seemed impossible, he will land, walk, set off again with his paraglider looking for a new aesthetic and adrenaline filled line, sleep somewhere and start all over again as soon as the sun rises.
Yes, there is space for adventure. Because it’s not so much where you’re going, but how you get there.


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