Mountaineers love to feel the force of the elements, yet they seek protection from them too. This is why fleece is the go-to fabric for mountain sports. It offers good insulation to retain core body warmth, but supports the transfer of sweat away from the body, avoiding overcooling. SALEWA® developed its own proprietary fleece, Polarlite, from synthetic microfibres. It is especially lightweight and fast drying, offers good heat retention and can be compressed down small in a backpack. SALEWA® uses Polarlite in different weights according to the body mapping principle, to offer targeted warmth exactly where the body needs it. Fleece is extremely versatile. Polarlite is used to make fleece jackets, as an inner lining for softshell and hardshell jackets and as baselayers, as it can be worn directly next to the skin. In addition, Polarlite is hardwearing and easy to care for.


  • outstanding insulation
  • very lightweight
  • robust and abrasion-resistant
  • soft and can be worn next to the skin
  • easy care and fast drying
  • very packable


  • abrasion-resistant and robust
  • unrestricted freedom of movement
    due to 2-way and 4-way stretch
  • highly breathable
  • lightweight
  • available with high UV protection
  • many versions bluesign® certified