Women's Hiking / Trekking Jackets


When it comes to taking on mountains, it’s all about balance; balance between comfort and durability, between insulation and breathability, between feeling secure and looking the part. Our range of hiking jacket for women includes a range of women's trekking jackets designed for every occasion and every kind of climber. We want to make the right choice obvious, which is why every item boasts a range of features that allow you to tailor the clothing item to the climb. Choose from lightweight shell jackets that offer flexibility and protection thanks to technical waterproofing and welded seams. The range includes items made of blended Alpine to offer a traditional yet functional protection. Our women's trekking jackets offer high-end features such as body mapping material. This means the jacket is tailored to each individual location on the body. Prepare to master the uncharted with a comprehensive selection of hiking jackets for women.