Women's Climbing Jackets

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Mountain climbing exposes you to unfavorable and sometimes extreme weather conditions that can adversely affect your health or ruin your mountain climbing experience in the least. Having a quality mountain climbing jacket for women should offer you protection from the vagaries of weather. Our collection of womens climbing jackets are fitted with thermos-regulating features that will keep you warm when it gets too cold and cool when the sun is almost unbearable. They are also made with water resistant material that will keep you dry when it’s rainy or after sweating. The hard-shell womens alpine climbing jackets are made with strong durable material for adequate protection. The softshell women's mountain climbing jackets are light weight and allow for more movement during climbing. The jackets are strong, breathable, waterproof, and windproof and are specially designed to suit your specific climbing needs whether its ski mountaineering, alpine mountaineering or alpine climbing. Browse through a collection to find matching pants to go along with your jacket.

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