Men's Speed Hiking Jackets


Speed hiking offers hiking enthusiasts a chance to see more of the terrain and get the heart rate pumping at the same time. Yet a crucial element of this is to have a lightweight kit that enables you to cover more distance with the same level of fitness. That’s why we stock our men's speed hiking jackets selection with the most durable, flexible and lightweight offerings from top tier brands. Speed hiking jackets for men need to deliver a weather-resistant experience that helps to regulate your body temperature as you race over boulders, charge through boggy terrain and ascend rolling hills. Each item in our collection incorporates a variety of lightweight materials such as nylon. These are blended with technical developments such as mesh cores and fleeces created in a grid construction to reduce fabric mass. The range of fast hiking jackets for men also makes a statement when it comes to aesthetic, offering an athletic fit combined with striking colour arrangements. Make a dash for your next adventure with the best in men's fast hiking jackets.